3M 4277 Mask Maintenance Free Respirator

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3M 4277 Built-In Filter FFABE1P3D Maintenance Free Half Mask Reusable Respirator

Protection against organic vapours with BP > 65°C.

Maintenance-Free reusable respirator designed for effective and comfortable protection against a combination of many gases, vapours and particulate hazards.

Utilizing unique filter technology enables a very low profile design for undisturbed field of vision.

3M 4277 protection against good warning properties, acid gases, water and oil based particulates.

Comes with 2 bonded carbon filters – for ease breathing.

Built-In filters are integrate to the mould.

Requires no spare parts or filters.

The low profile enhances your visual range and textured face seal – to provide a comfortable fit.

Parabolic exhalation valve gives easier breathing and reduces build up of heat.

3M Half Mask Respirator 4277 FFABE1P3D conforms to EN405:2001 Safety Standards.


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