3M Speedglas G5-02 Welding Helmet with a Curved Filter 621120

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Featuring a curved welding lens, this 3M Speedglas G5-02 welding mask offers the largest field of vision from the 3M range of auto-darkening lenses. Inbuilt Natural Colour Technology enhances colour recognition and optical clarity while the customisable settings help you to improve the quality of your weld and reduce eye strain.

• Pack contains Speedglas G5-02 welding mask, curved welding lens, headband, cleaning wipe and carry bag
• Auto-darkening welding lens offers 3M’s largest field of view (150mm x 76mm) thanks to its curved glass
• Offers eye and face protection while welding
• Natural Colour Technology enhances the view with great clarity and colour recognition
• Customisable settings to help reduce eye strain and welding quality
• Adjustable sensitivity for arc detection
• Delay function to set dark-to-light opening time
• Bluetooth-enabled for connection to the 3M Connected Equipment app which permits access to additional functionalities, statistics and documentation

Key Features

Curved Glass Technology

  • Featuring one of the newest innovations from 3M™ Speedglas™ – Curved Glass Technology. The welding filter follows the curved shape of your head and is more in line with the range of your peripheral vision.

Natural Colour Technology 

  • 3M’s sought after Speedglas Natural Colour Technology allows better vision and more realistic colours in the dark and light state, allowing welders to be even more accurate witht the arc

New Exhaled Air Venting Design

  • With this new slim design, 3M redesigned the air venting system to reduce heat and humidity, ensuring maxiumum comfort for the user at all times.

Lens Size

V-Standard, X- Large, XXi- Extra Large

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