3M Speedglas 9100V Automatic Welding Helmet 501805

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The automatically dimming welding glass you have both hands free and always see what you are working with without having to open the helmet. Despite the light, slim design, Speedglas welder safety helmets are extremely robust and can withstand both hard impacts and high temperatures. Interchangeable protective glass both internally and externally protect the welding glass sustainably.

501805 Features:
  • The 3M Speedglas 9100V welding helmet has seven dark shade levels, sensitivity levels, delay adjustment and side windows
  • Seven dark shade levels: 5 for gas welding, 8 for micro plasma and 9-13 for standard MIG and TIG
  • Four user selectable sensitivity levels handles all types of arc welding
  • Delay setting allows dark to light switch time adjustment
  • High comfort head suspension unit
501805 Specifications:
  • Viewing Area: 45 x 93 mm
  • Battery Life: 2800 hours

Lens Size

V-Standard, X- Large, XXi- Extra Large

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