Bessey SG30M / SG40M Heavy Duty Fitters Clamps

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Constructed using alloyed quality steel while still maintaining the original Bessey clamp profile. When you need to secure something through the use of a clamp you do not want the stress of worrying if the object clamped will stay in position.

Our heavy duty fitter clamps are able to clamp at pressures of up to 35.000N. They are fitted as standard with a forged moveable arm drop. These parts are heat treated and galvanised to make them harder and rust proof.

The clamp is fitted with a replaceable pressure pad that is able to tilt up to 35° and it is very easy to remove when required. The screw is wear resistant and has been heat treated and browned. All the clamps are fitted with a tommy bar for instant and powerful clamping.

SG30M- 300mm opening

SG40M- 400mm opening


SG30M, SG40M

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