Buildpro MAX Slotted Welding Tables, 2560 x 1250mm

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Our slotted, single-sided heavy-duty tables feature open gaps between the top plates. Providing extra versatility, allowing you to slide clamping tools or pliers using T-Slot adapters or Sliding Channel on the open slot edges as clamping surfaces.

Reversible Self-Locating Table Plates

Patented Bushing design allows you to remove, re-position, re-align, and reverse the table plates!

Tabletop Side Height

160 mm for both MAX and MAX Slotted tables

Table Accuracy

Table flatness: 0.3 mm / 1,000 mm
Hole spacing: 50 mm ± 0.043
Hole diameter: 16 mm
Plate thickness: 16 mm ± 0.06

Advantages of Buildpro tables over other brands

  • Our plates are modular on a welded frame
  • Plates can be reversed to use both sides (Basically a 2 in 1 table)
  • The table frame is more rigid than our competitors frame because our frame has more material and uses full square profile in the tubing. The competitions tables are basically only forming 3 sides of a square, so it cannot have the same resistance to torsional (twisting) forces.
  • The welded frame of our competitors table and nitriding of the entire table creates distortion. The distortion is strongest in the corners above the legs, which is very important since those areas are used the most
  • Buildpro plate system is flatter, because they sit on top of a machined frame.
  • Plates can slide out if needed to support wider material






6 X Heavy duty 767mm legs, 6 x Adjustable 565 – 819mm legs, 6 x Adjustable 685 – 940mm legs + Castor

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