C9 Mig Brazing Wire CuSi3 1.0mm 4kg

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  • Ideal for fusion welding materials of similar composition e.g copper alloy (brass).
  • Frequently used in artistic foundries where good colour match is required.
  • Also for MIG brazing zinc coated steel sheets in the automotive industry.
  • Applications include the automotive industry, artistic foundries, and repair & maintenance.
  • 4kg spool in 1.0mm thickness.

Technical Data

AWS : A5.7 ER Cu Si – A
EN 24373 Cu 6560 (Cu Si3 Mn1)
BS 2901 C9

Mechanical Properties
Melting Point ºC: 980
UTS N/mm2: 350
Hardness BHN: 90

Current Type: DC+

Shielding Gas: Pure Argon

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