Carver Rack Clamp T186-300

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These rugged Carver c-style clamps, made from high-tensile, heat-treated steel, are designed for all types of applications requiring large holding capacities from 1,250 to 6,000 pounds [5.5 – 26.7kN]. The clamps are highly versatile, for example, jaws can be reversed to provide spreading action. Typical applications include welding and open set-up machining. Operation is very simple. The operator slides the spring loaded moveable jaw toward the workpiece to the nearest notch where it locks into the detent. Hand tightening the screw advances the Carver c-style clamp jaw. The jaw advances the tilting pad directly into contact with the workpiece – there is no rotating to twist the work or the clamp out of position.


Standard, Medium


150mm- T186.150, 250mm- T321.250(long range), 300mm- T186.300, 225mm- T290.225, 450mm- T290.45, 450mm- T285.450(long range), T186-500mm

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