ESAB EM 401i Fabricator Mig Welder with Watercooler, 5m Interconns

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Delivery includes: 0446400884 Fabricator EM401i, 0446401881 Fabricator Feed 304, 0700025241 Welding torch MXL 341 4m EURO, 0459836881 Interconn set 5.0M 70mm2 19P

Maximise your output and save energy with reliability and affordability.

Fabricator’s inverter-based technology allows for better power efficiency, easier operation, and better overall utility. It’s a workstation designed for maximum mobility around your shop, so your next tough, heavy-industrial welding job is, well, easier.

Fabricator are heavy duty inverter controlled power sources for MIG/MAG and MMA (Stick) welding. Built to withstand rugged use which makes it a perfect solution for industrial usage. Ideal for heavy industries using solid and flux-cored wires together with Fabricator Feed.

Fabricator complies with new European regulations for eco-friendly welding equipment, helping you save on energy costs with a power source efficiency greater than 85% and idle power below 50 W.

-Rugged and Reliable welding system for heavy application, 400  60% Duty Cycle.

-Energy savings with high power factor, high efficiency and low idle power

-Lower cost of operation. Delivers all the added benefits of an inverter technology at a similar price as a conventional transformer machine

-The machine is built in with integrated wide and large wheels and cylinder support to facilitate moving around the workshop. Also includes two side cable handling supports.

-Wide voltage tolerance for stable welding output

-Variable inductance control for better arc performance

-IP23 use anywhere, for field and workshop applications

Reliable industrial performance.

Designed for heavy-industrial MIG, flux cored, and stick applications, with welding output up to 500 A and 400 A at 60% duty cycle. Fabricator is optimised for wire sizes from 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm and works with a range of gases – it even achieves high-quality welds with pure CO2 shielding gas.

Impressive energy efficiency.

More energy savings by consuming less power, Fabricator’s high-efficiency inverter technology allows for 87% energy efficiency – saving you up to $750 US* yearly.

*Estimated for two shifts welding 350 A at 40% duty cycle compared to standard transformer technology.

Easy to use and adjust.

Simple to operate, containing only the settings and functions you need to make welding easy and understandable. Operators can change controls remotely from the wire feeder and welding spatter is minimal in low or high parameters.

Designed for stable mobility.

Fabricator is a fully mobile welding workstation that navigates easily around stationary workpieces in your shop and is equipped with large, wide wheels, crane-safe handles, a low-profile cylinder tray and chain-locking mechanism, and two cable holders.

Superior overall value.

All the added benefits of inverter technology, but with a lower cost of operation when compared to conventional transformer welding machines.


-Mains Voltage: 380 – 415 V, 3ph, ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

-Welding Output, MIG/MAG : 400 A @ 60%, 310 A @ 100%

-Welding Output, MMA: 400 A @ 60%, 310 A @ 100%

-Setting Range, MIG/MAG: 30 A / 15.5V – 400 A / 34 V

-Setting Range, MMA: 30 A / 21.2V – 400 A / 36 V

-Wire Dimensions: 0.8 – 1.2 mm

-Efficiencyat Max Current: 86 %

-Power Factor Max Current: 0.91

-Energy Save Mode: < 35 W

-Mains Cable Ø mm2: 4 x 6

-Operating Temperature: -10 to +40°C

-DimensionsL x W x H: 1035 x 500 x 1015 mm

-Weight w/o cooling unit: 102.0 kg

-Enclosure Class: IP23

-Wire Feed Speed: 1.5 – 25.0 m/min

-Wire Spool Capacity: 18Kg

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