Esab Fabricator ET 410Ip Pulse Tig Welder

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Esab Fabricator ET410Ip Pulse TIG Welder- 0447101881

Fabricator ET 410iP is a heavy-duty inverter-controlled power source for HF TIG Pulse welding and MMA (Stick) welding.

The Fabricator ET 410iP is built to withstand rugged use, making it a perfect solution for industrial usage. Ideal for heavy industries.

Product Highlights

  • The intuitive control panel of the ET 410iP makes it easy to optimize settings, reducing the time taken for achieving the best weld characteristics
  • Equipped with High Frequency for easy arc starts and Start Pulse (micropulse) which preheats the Tungsten electrode for improved arc stability from the start.
  • Pulse background current between 10% and 90% of the set current and pulsing frequency from 0.5 to 250Hz, for optimal pulse in each application.
  • Spot mode for easy tack welding and 4TS to be able to pulse only when it’s necessary
  • Wide mains voltage tolerance allows for stable welding
  • Inverter controlled for high efficiency and low power consumption
  • Excellent welding performance with Stick electrodes


Input Voltage 380-400-415-440 V , 3, 50/60 Hz
Max Output 410 A410 A
Welding Output 310 A @ 100 % Duty Cycle
400 A @ 60 % Duty Cycle
Open Circuit Voltage 76/15 V
Efficiency at Maximum Current 86 %
89 %
Fuse Slow 32 A
Operating Temp -10 – +40 °C
Enclosure Class IP23S
Certification CE
Dimensions, L x W x H 525 x 280 x 475 mm
Weight 35.2 Kg
Setting Range 30 – 410 A
5 – 410 A

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