Esab GoldRox Arc Welding Rods 6013 Mild Steel

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OK GoldRox is a true all-round and all-position rutile electrode. With exceptional arc stability and reduced spatter for decreased cleaning time, start and restart properties that allow for easy tack welds, and brilliant slag removal, novice and experienced welders can rely on OK GoldRox.

-Easy arc striking: Arc striking and re-striking are simple with OK GoldRox electrodes, even with low-voltage power sources.

-Easy slag release: OK GoldRox electrodes feature better slag release, saving you time and money on post-weld cleanup.

-Minimal Spatter: With exceptional arc stability, OK GoldRox electrodes reduce spatter when compared to standard 6013 electrodes.

-Superior all position performance: Whether welding flat,horizontal, vertical, or overhead, OK GoldRox electrodes will help you get virtually any job done well.

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2.5mm Packet 1kg, 2.5mm Carton 20kg, 3.2mm Packet 1kg, 3.2mm Carton 20kg

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