ESAB Rogue ET 230iP AC/DC Tig Welder Aircooled Package

2,400.00 Excl. VAT1,899.00 Excl. VAT

Esabs new AC/DC Tig Welder!






Package includes: ESAB Rogue ET 230iP AC/DC power source, work lead 3m, Exeor TIG SR 17 TIG torch 4m, gas hose 4m, Gas Regulator

Rogue ET 230iP AC/DC is a portable, high quality, professional AC/DC TIG welder with extended parameter options to excel at everyday aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel welding.

An intuitive graphical user interface with a 5-inch colour display brings new functionality for quick and easy adjustments. The machine can tackle a wide range of thicknesses including very thin plates.

Customisable waveshapes (square, soft square, sinusoidal, triangle) enables optimized heat input for high penetration on thicker metals and low distortion on thin sheets. Pulsing capabilities in both DC and AC TIG offer enhanced weld puddle control allowing the welder to further tailor the arc for multiple applications. TIG arc starts are crafted for optimum performance based on selected tungsten electrode diameter and type.

Durable housing design combines robustness and functionality with multiple lift points for easy manoeuvrability in both workshop and field applications.

  • Various AC/DC waveforms (square, soft square, sinusoidal, triangle) for optimal energy transfer
  • TIG AC and DC pulse up to 200 Hz for increased control of heat input and weld pool.
  • Built-in PFC circuit ensures a stable arc, even with extra-long input cables, up to 100 m
  • High visibility intuitive 5-inch colour screen interface reduces downtime and improves accuracy
  • Dual-current mode switches between two output current levels to control the heat input and the size of the weld pool
  • Easy access to saved jobs by torch trigger
  • Modular system with tool-less connection to trolley
  • New Exeor TIG torch included


  • Light Fabrication
  • Pipe Construction
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Aerospace
  • Training Schools
  • Industrial & General Fabrication
  • Chemical industry
  • Steel Erectors
Input Voltage 115/230 V 15 %, 1, 50/60 Hz
Open Circuit Voltage 68 / 10 (VRD) VDC
Power Factor at Maximum Current 99%
Setting Range MMA/DC
230 VAC
115 VAC
20.4-27.2 VDC (10-180 A)
20.4-23.6 VDC (10-90 A)
Setting Range TIG/DC
115 VAC
230 VAC
10.2-15 VDC (5-125 A)
10.2-19.2 VDC (5-230 A)
Fuse Slow 16 A
Energy Save Mode <30 W
Supply Plug Schuko 16A
Operating Temp -10 – +40 °C
rated kVA 6 kVA (230)
3.3 kVA (115)
Enclosure Class IP23S
Dimensions, L x W x H 460 x 210 x 380 mm
Weight 19 kg
Setting Range
115 VAC
230 VAC
TIG (AC) 10.6-15 V (TIG (AC) 15-125 A)
TIG (AC) 10.6-19.2 V (TIG (AC) 15-230 A)

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