ESAB Savage A40 for Air Welding Head Shield with ESAB EPR-X1 Backpack

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Combined with ESAB PAPR the Savage A40 Air delivers uncompromising protective performance for all welding activities. The PAPR system provides user-selectable airflow control to deliver TH2-level filtration performance for fine particulates.



This ready to weld package includes the ESAB Savage A40 Welding Head shield prepared for air (ESAB part no: 0700500400) along with the very latest ESAB EPR-X1 unit

This package includes everything you require to start welding, cutting or grinding using the air fed system.


EPR-X1 Power Unit with Savage A40 welding head shield prepared for air
L-ion Battery
Waist Belt
Comfort Pad
Air Hose
Proban Hose Cover
P3 Filter + air Flow gauge indicator

The welding experience is enhanced with Savage A40’s state-of-the art ADF light filtration, offering True Colour viewing of the weld pool and full user-adjustable controls for shade, delay and sensitivity. An easy-to-access grind mode button allows fast switching between grinding and welding. The Savage A40 Air checks all the boxes for the serious and professional welder.


-External shade adjustment between DIN 9 and DIN 13 and an optical class of 1/1/1/2. Delay and sensitivity can be adjusted from the inside

-Four arc sensors for higher auto darkening response

-Wider coverage and a larger viewing area of 100 x 50 mm (3.93 x 1.96 in.) that offers a wide field of vision and increased spatial awareness

-Sensitivity control is an adaptable feature useful when welding low amp TIG for better reaction to darker arc light

-Delay control enabling the welder to set how long the lens stays dark after the welding arc stops. Short delay helps get the job done faster during tack welding, whilst longer delay is useful for high amperage welding

-Externally activated Grind Button. Shade 4 Grind Mode

-True Colour allowing for a brighter view and enhanced colour definition

Esabs new EPR-X1 Backpack

ESAB’s EPR-X1 PAPR unit connects seamlessly with all current ESAB prepared for air welding helmets and provides advanced respiratory protection from harmful welding fume particulates.
This PAPR is designed for applications ranging from occasional use to full-time industrial applications. The EPR-X1 offers a robust, compact housing with a powerful blower to ensure maximum life and performance. Check your battery status, fan settings and filter conditions at a glancewith quick-access status LED lights. Additionally, the PAPR provides audible and vibratory alerts to notify the user of low air flow (indicating a needed filter change) and low battery conditions.
The EPR-X1’s turbo unit is controlled with easily-accessed push buttons allowing three airflow speed ranges of 170/190/220 l/minute. The HEPA-quality, EN12941 TH-3P certified two-stage filter and spark arrestor are easily accessed through a removable front door.

-Compatible with all ESAB prepared for air helmets: Sentinel A-50; Savage A-40; G-30/40/50; F-20
-User adjustable air flow 170/190/220 l/min
-Li-Ion battery pack (up to 10h duration @ 170 l/min)
-P3 filter and pre-filter
-International intelligent charger (interchangeable pins)
-Audio/visual/vibration blocked filter and low battery alarm

Welding Process

-Plasma Cutting

-Oxy-Fuel Cutting

-SMAW/MMA (Stick)



-PAW – Plasma Arc Welding



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