Filarc 27P 8018-G Low Hydrogen Electrodes (Clearance)

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This low hydrogen electrode is specially designed for downhill welding circumferential joints in pipes. The low hydrogen weld metal provides high notch toughness and excellent ductility to reduce the risk of cracking. The electrode is used particularly for pipelines, compressor stations, hot tapping and associated work using pipe steels in API 5LX52 to X70 grades in the oil and gas distribution industries, also process piping etc. Productivity is overall 25-30% faster than cellulosic electrodes and 40-50% faster than conventional low hydrogen electrodes for welding vertically up. Welding advice: Keep short arc using beaded or weaved runs. 2.5 mm size can also be welded uphill for increased heat input. DC- is preferred.



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3.2mm 2.1kg Packet, 4mm 2kg Packet

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