Fireball Tool Cast Iron Scraper

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The strongest scraper ever made!

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Fireball Tools


The Fireball Tool Scraper consists of a USA made cast iron handle combined with a hardened tool steel blade. Besides being the best scraper you’ll ever use, it’s also a great chipping hammer and edge deburring tool great for cleaning plasma or flame cut edges.

What makes this scraper perform better than your typical chisel or piece of flat bar welded to a handle is the scraping blade. Our blade’s through hardened tool steel and 90 degree square edges bulldoze through spatter without chipping or skipping. HRC 56+ Hardness

The handle provides the perfect amount of heft during chipping or scraping without becoming a drag, our handle tapers at the blade end to a low profile mount so that the scraper can be used in either orientation.

The pointed chipping hammer end is the perfect combo to the scraper and allows you to carry one less tool, plus the inside 45 degree tip of the scraper blade can also be used to deburr edges and tubing.

For fabricators working on modular fixture tables, this tool is especially well suited for cleaning the surface, chamfers, and holes of the table system.

While the blades will require periodic replacement due to wear, the handle is designed for everyday professional duty and we hope it brings a bit of joy with every use.

Technical Notes:

The scraper blade orientation can be flipped by the user as a matter of personal preference. For best results, our fasteners contain a nylon patch to prevent fasteners from loosening. If you need to replace or remove the fastener, we suggest a small amount of product similar to Loctite to keep the screws from backing out due to repeated impact of the blade when scraping and chipping.

Reversible Blade


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