Fireball Tool Combination Square

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Fireball Tools


This is the ultimate combination square that has a unique set of features:

1) Largest combination square on the market
2) Available in Cast Iron or Aluminum bodies
3) Fully Recessed blade with adjustment features to have a perfectly square tool
4) Combination square comes with tabs and can be used for clamping
5) “Top” face of squares allows it to be used upside down to measure around obstacles


  • 127 mm Tall x 127 mm Long x 50 mm Wide
  • Blades available in 300 mm, 450 mm & 600 mm lengths
  • Blades made of stainless steel. Gold blades are stainless steel with Titanium Nitride finish

Aluminium or Cast Iron?

Aluminium (AL)


-Lightweight (Ideal for welding on the go)
-Resistance to deformation vs aluminum billet
-Some natural resistance to weld spatter.


-Can be be damaged if dropped or if used in heavy duty projects.

Cast Iron Dragon Scale (FE)


-Great for heavy duty projects
-Excellent resistance to deformation and raising burrs when scratched.
-Natural resistance to weld spatter.


-Heavy (Not ideal for mobile welding)
-Susceptible to rust.

Fireball’s new Dragon Scale coating provides the corrosion resistance of our previous black oxide finish with the added benefit of enhanced spatter resistance.

It’s spatter resistance needs to be seen to believed; it out performs even the best weld spatter sprays without the use of any sprays.


Aluminium, Dragon Scale

Blade Size

300mm, 450mm

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