Fireball Tool Mega Square 200mm

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Fireball Tools


-The Mega Square is designed to quickly set your workpiece to 90 or 45 degrees.

-Tabs help eliminate twisting and warping in the final workpiece.

-Clamping is simple with multiple surfaces for quick and rigid attachment.

-Roomy joint access for welding, gluing, nailing, riveting, etc.


Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 38mm

Aluminium weight- 1.2 kg

Cast Iron Weight- 3.5 kg

Flange- 38mm

Aluminium or Cast Iron?

Aluminium (AL)


-Lightweight (Ideal for welding on the go)
-Resistance to deformation vs aluminum billet
-Some natural resistance to weld spatter.


-Can be be damaged if dropped or if used in heavy duty projects.

Cast Iron Dragon Scale (FE)


-Great for heavy duty projects
-Excellent resistance to deformation and raising burrs when scratched.
-Natural resistance to weld spatter.


-Heavy (Not ideal for mobile welding)
-Susceptible to rust.

Fireball’s new Dragon Scale coating provides the corrosion resistance of our previous black oxide finish with the added benefit of enhanced spatter resistance.

It’s spatter resistance needs to be seen to believed; it out performs even the best weld spatter sprays without the use of any sprays.


Aluminium, Dragon Scale

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