GROZ CSQ/12/4/ST Combination Square Set 4pcs; 12in/300mm

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-An exceptional set which combines several tools, substituting the use of try squares, miter, depth gauge, height gauge, marking gauge, level, plumb & a precision rule

-Constructed from Quality Cast Iron & complete with precision rule 12″ (300 mm) long

-Square Head: With a precision ground 90° square face & a 45° miter face. Highly versatile layout tool for scribing right angles & parallel lines. Also used as a measuring tool that can work as a try square, miter, depth gauge, height gauge & a level

-Center Head: Used for accurately locating center of a cylindrical or square work piece

-Protractor Head: Includes revolving turrets with direct reading double graduations from 0 to 180° in opposite directions. This permits accurate & quick direct reading of angles above or below the blade

-Steel Rule: Precision Steel Rule with shoulder on one side. Rule is 300 mm long × 25 mm wide × 2 mm thick. Graduated with 0.50 mm & 32nds on one side & 1.0 mm & 64ths on the reverse side



150mm (6"), 250mm (10"), 300mm (12")

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