Mattox 115mm Diamond Disc for Sharpening Tungstens

12.50 Excl. VAT


Handy diamond disc that you can place into your angle grinder to turn it into a makeshift tungsten grinder, perfect for keeping your tig welds on point!


-Sharpen Tungsten electrodes

-Sharpen Tungsten carbide saw blades.

-Sharpen Dull, broken, blunt drill bits.

-Sharpen Wood chisels.

-Sharpen SDS bits.


  • Description:       1 x 115mm 4.5″ Diamond Tungsten Sharpener Grinding disc
  • Outside diameter: 115mm 4.5″
  • Inner hole:           22.23mm
  • Max RPM:           Safe Tested Load 18500
  • Description:         150 to 200 Hard Grit Coated Both Sides
  • Material:              Harden Steel Electroplating silicon carbide with Oxide Surface Coating
  • Pressed Metal Steel disc for strength, durability, and less heat
  • Higher rpm speeds to be used on more faster machines.
  • Harder High Qty Long life grit not like cheap discs sold .
  • Both sides of the disc coated for longer life and use .
  • Advanced Diamond technology made to last by a reputable company



PG622V (1"- "2 Pipe), PG114V (1.5" – 2.5" Pipe)

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