Quiksteel Tube 2oz

8.64 Excl. VAT


-Ideal for Repair of Petrol & Diesel Fuel Tanks, Water Tanks, Exhaust Systems, Cars, Bikes & Trucks & Many Others.

-Fast Drying QuikSteel Firmly Sets In 15 Minutes & Is Completely Cured & Ready To Drill, Sand Tap, Prime, Machine & Paint In One Hour (Longer In Colder Conditions).

-QuikSteel Cures Underwater & In All Atmospheric Conditions.

-Resistant To Chemicals, QuikSteel Is Impervious To Most Chemicals Including Battery Acids. Resistant To High Temperatures, Quiksteel Maintains Its Qualities When Exposed To Temperatures In Excess Of 260°C (+500°F).

-Long Storage Life, QuikSteel’s Unique Formula Means It Remains Pliable Before Use Which Ensures Easy Mixing Even After Long Periods Of Storage. Does Not Crack Or Flake Before Use.

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