Rotabroach Element 50 Automatic 110v

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Fully automatic drilling. The machine drills the hole, retracts and powers off – ready to be moved safely on to the next hole.


The Element™ 50 Automatic is a fully automatic magnetic drill.

Unlike many other semi-auto machines – our machine will drill the hole, retract, and power off – ready to be safely moved to the next hole. It features all the fantastic features of our Element™ drills, meaning you can use it in auto mode or in manual as a complete all-rounder. Fitted with CutSmart™ technology to enhance tool life, speed of cut and user safety.

CutSmart – Prolonging Power Tool Performance

Mag drills are powerful tools that can cut through materials at an impressive rate, but they also pose hazards if not used appropriately, or an unexpected fault occurs. Even the most experienced steel fabricator, track expert or ship builder can have accidents if their tools let them down, and that’s why we wanted to create CutSmart – to ensure this never happens.

With CutSmart, you will always know if too much force is being applied to your steel, aluminium, copper, or other material, so that you can respond quickly, safely and effectively. Customer safety is of the utmost importance to us here at Rotabroach, and with CutSmart, your mag drills will help maintain your safety standards no end.

Key Features

-The ‘Element 50’ is one of Rotabroach’s most versatile machines.

-Small in size, coming in at 460mm height.

-Dual motor protection system prolonging the machines life.

-Internal cabling removed the risk of damage and downtime for your magdrill.

-Quick release interchangeable handle – allowing you to operate the mag drill from either side and improving accessibility.

-CutSmart Technology – designed to protect your motor and cutter, prolonging tool life.

-Internal cooling – keeping your mag drill cool and allowing you to drill for longer.

-Reversible features to allow tapping 13mm drill chuck that can be used for twist drills

-Can be used to countersink up to 30mm*


110v, 220v

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