Rotabroach RHSKIT1 TCT Metal Holesaw Kit – 5pc

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Rotabroach RHSKIT1 TCT Short (25mm) Metal Holesaw Kit – 5pc

Rotabroach TCT Hole Saw Kit 14 – 22m 5Pc has been designed in such a way to make sure that when they are in use they have a clean efficient cut. This product can perform over three times faster than a standard twist drill making them highly economical and less likely to use power consumption. The cutter itself is perfect to use when working on materials such as sheet metal, pipes and different types of plastic.


-3 Times faster than standard twist drills

-Highly economical tools

-Low power consumption

-Precision ground teeth


-Size Range: 14mm – 22mm

-Cutting Depths: 6.4mm up to 20mm / 12.7mm over 20mm

-Max. Tensile Strength: < 900N/mm²


-5x TCT short 25mm hole saws: 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm & 22mm.

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