Rotabroach Stainless Steel Cutting Blade 355mm

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The Rotabroach cermet blades produce a clean, cool cut with minimal vibration. Cermet tipped, they offer 20% longer life compared to abrasive cutting discs and perform 40% better than TCT blades. A practically spark free, burr free cut.

-Cermet tipped blades.

-Lasts up to 20 times longer than conventional abrasive discs.

-Up to 40 percent better life than TCT blades.

-Triple chip design for added durability.

-Clean, cool cut with minimal vibration and sparks.


-Diameter: 355mm (14″).

-Teeth: 120.

-Bore: 25.4mm (1″).

-Application: Stainless Steel.

-Max speed: 1750rpm.

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