StrongHand 3-Axis Welders Angle Clamps WAC45-SW

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Unique 3 Axis Corner Vice, made with machined cast iron.

  • * With a push of the fast action buttons the threaded screws slide easily in or out
  • * Holds parts in horizontal and vertical positions
  • * When finished simply swing the 3rd axis arm for easy part removal
  • * Hold parts during cool down to minimise distortion

Part No: WAC45-SW


Technical Specification:

Slot Size (A): 51mm
Slot Width (B): 11mm
Mitre Joints (C): 125mm
Jaw Length (D): 135mm
T-Clearance (E): 103mm
Jaw Height (F): 64mm
Overall Height: 245mm


Weight 12 kg

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