StrongHand MPCH250 Magnetic Pipe Centering Head

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The Magnetic Pipe Centering Head is the perfect tool for marking pipes above 2” in diameter. Designed to precisely mark center points both on the interior and exterior of pipes.

Crafted from high-quality anodized aluminum, the adjustable dial bubble protractor takes accuracy to a new level. Graduated in 2.5° increments, it ensures precise measurements.

The 360° rotatable degree dial boasts an integrated vial, guaranteeing level accuracy. Additionally, integrated magnets allow this tool to effortlessly secure itself at any desired angle on steel pipes.

Machined from top-tier aluminum material, and anodized for lasting protection against the elements. This tool proves invaluable for identifying crucial pipe angles, such as top dead center and bottom dead center, facilitating a variety of pipe work.

For added convenience, this kit includes a sturdy hard case, delivering optimal protection and portability.

Weight 12 kg

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