StrongHand MVDF44 MagHold™ V-Pads Kit

22.00 Excl. VAT



Hold and position round, flat and square parts with the MVDF44 MagHold™ V-Pads Kit, in light duty substructure applications.

  • * Light duty and tight spot holding
  • * Each V-Pad contains 4 rare-earth magnets
  • * Magnets on both pad face and bottom

Part No: MVDF44


Technical Specification:

Max. Pull Force:  6 kg / 8 kg
Included in pack:  2x XDV4 and 2x XFV4

Magnetic force is based on the longest side of Magnet with 10 mm thick steel.


Must be used for tack welding only and removed before completing the weld.
Avoid prolonged exposure of magnetic products to heat sources of 176°F / 80°C.

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