Stronghand TIG Feeder and Organizer Kit

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Tig Organiser Kit

Store your most frequently used TIG Accessories on the TIG Part Organizer for easy access.

-Create a more organized and efficient work area.

-Store major brand air cooled and water cooled TIG Accessories.

-Durable, easy to clean. Magnetically attaches to your steel work surface.

-A total of 25 cavities hold back caps, ceramic cups, glass cups, collets, and collet bodies.

-Convenient wire brush holder.

-3 storage slots hold tungsten rods and rod remnants.

Tig Feeder

Smoothly feed TIG wire for total control and accuracy, at the ideal distance, for higher quality welding, even with gloves on!

-Compact, lightweight Feeder rests securely, comfortably in your hand.

-Easily customizable to set wire tension and control.

-Reduce fatigue to help prevent carpel tunnel.


Note: Does not include yellow tig torch holder

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