Tig Consumables Spares Kit (WP17/18/26)

30.00 Excl. VAT


Can be used in AC or DC processes. Excellent arc starts at low amperages, popular in such applications as orbital tube and pipe manufacturing, thin sheet metal work or jobs where small and delicate parts are welded. Like Thoriated elctrodes, they are best used to weld carbon and stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium. Suitable for WP17, 18 & 26 Tig torches. Contents; 5X 1.6mm Collets 5X 1.6mm Collet bodies 5X 2.4mm Collets 5X 2.4mm Collet bodies 2X No 4 Ceramic Cups 2X No 5 Ceramic Cups 2X No 6 Ceramic Cups 2X No 7 Ceramic Cups 2X No 8 Ceramic Cups 1X Long Back Cap 1X Short Back Cap 1X 1.6mm Ceriated Grey Tungsten Electrode 1X 2.4mm Ceriated Grey Tungsten Electrode

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