Weco Discovery 200S Arc/Tig Welder

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A light weight, and exceptionally durable 3phase MMA plant suitable for the most demanding of welding tasks in the most demanding of environments.

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Discovery 200S is a compact and portable 3 Phase inverter power source for Arc and TIG DC welding applications with excellent arc characteristics in both processes.
Discovery 200S is specifically designed for adverse working conditions, such as offshore, shipyards, boat-maintenance and repair.
The inner PFC WECO (Power Factor Corrector) device, reduces harmonic current emissions according to the CE regulations.TIG DC functions and digital control available is an optimized combination also for maintenance, building construction, light-medium metal structures.
Hot Start and Arc Force are adjustable in MMA welding and guarantee a better arc ignition, smoother deposition and fluent welding.
Anti Sticking allows electrode unstick from the base material in case of accidental sticking.
Most of market-electrodes up to 5mm diameter can be easily welded.
In TIG DC both pulse frequency (0,5-250Hz) and pulse base current can be set by the welder for optimal arc focusing, lower heat input and lower deformations.

  • Light weight and reliable
    Handle and Shoulder Strap for easy carrying
    Built-in Wind Tunnel protects electronic devices from dust and saltiness and improves reliability
    Microprocessor controls real-time welding parameters
    Hot Start increases the start-current and gives better arc ignition
    Arc Force avoids short circuits and lack of fusion during the welding
    Lift TIG DC ignition reduces Tungsten inclusions
    Remote Control applicable

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