Welding Machine Calibrations Available- Ireland

We now offer on site welder calibrations! If you have welders in your workshop that you need calibrated please contact us on 01-8366142 to discuss.

Our trained calibration engineers can call to your workshop and perform the calibrations required and provide certification

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Why is welding machine calibration / validation to IEC 60974-14 required?

They’re performed to ensure that meters attached to arc welding equipment and graduated scales are accurate within allowable tolerances.

Each inspection and test includes a certificate for each machine stating whether or not the equipment passed or failed the above standard. If the equipment fails, our engineer will discuss with you what is needed for it to pass.

Our service and what’s included

It will be carried out by our engineer on your premises unless specific alternative arrangements have been made. The test will be carried out in accordance with the standard, which calls for a resistive load since a live arc is unstable and inconsistent.

This is completed across a certain amperage range agreed upon by the welding equipment manufacturer and user, or as defined in the welding method. The welding equipment and certificate will be marked with the pertinent information when completed.

How is welding equipment calibrated?

Welding machines are connected to a calibration station to inspect the actual voltage, amperage, and wire feed speed. It’s also possible to establish the welding current source’s gas flow rate.

The resulting numbers are analysed and obtained for your welding equipment and compares them to the standard requirements to find any inconsistencies.

If the necessary procedures aren’t followed, the welding equipment should not be used for manufacturing due to potential quality issues.

MIG/MAG, manual metal arc welding, and TIG systems may all be calibrated. Qualified fabricators must have their welding equipment calibrated at least annually.

The standards provide the concepts that will guide the quality assurance process for welded goods. EN 1090 specifies the manufacturing specifications and CE marks for steel and aluminium.