Aztec Anti Seize Copper Grease

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Aztec Oils


A high-quality semi synthetic compound that combines pure flaked copper with fine graphite to form a superior anti-seize paste. It is carefully blended to produce a non-melt, adhesive compound with excellent rust and corrosion inhibition. The paste creates an effective barrier on the metal surface to provide protection against seizure, even under the most arduous conditions. The addition of fine graphite enhances the electrical properties and its lubricity capabilities under load.


  • Continues to work in arduous conditions, including chemical & salt water environments.
  • Ensures easy assembly & disassembly of threaded connections.
  • Prevents galling & seizure at elevated temperatures.
  • Protection against fretting, seizing and galling corrosion.
  • Reduces the amount of torque-effort required to tighten fastenings.
  • Reduces wear in areas of high friction.
  • Offers superior lubricity.





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1L, 5L

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