ESAB OK 92.58 Cast Iron Electrodes

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Description: A nickel-iron-cored electrode for joining normal grades of cast iron, such as grey, ductile and malleable irons. It is also suitable for the rectification and repair for these grades and for joining them to steel. Deposition is performed on cold or slightly preheated cast iron. The weld metal is stronger and more resistant to impurities that the nickel-cored type.

Classifications: SFA/AWS A5.15, ENiFe-CI-A, EN ISO 1071

Typical Composition: C(1.5), Si(0.7), Mn(0.8), Ni(51), AI(1.4), Fe(46)

Typical properties: Tensile strength, MPa- 375 Hardness(HB)- 180

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2.5mm, 3.2mm


Single Rods, Packets

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