BOHLER FOX EV50 E7018-1 Low Hydrogen Electrodes

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Bohler Welding

BÖHLER FOX EV 50 Low Hydrogen 3.2mm Vac Pac Welding Electrode E7018

Unalloyed basic coated stick electrode

Main benefit
Basic coated stick electrode for high quality welds for unalloyed steels up to 420 MPa
yield strength.


Steel constructions with high
requirements for toughness and low
hydrogen content


EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 5 B 3 2 H5

AWS A5.1 / SFA-5.1 :E7018-1 H4R


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Packet Size

2.5mm 1.8kg Packet, 3.2mm 2.2kg Packet, 4mm 2.7kg Packet

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