Jasic EVO TIG 200P AC/DC PFC Water Cooled Inverter

1,975.00 Excl. VAT


The Jasic EVO TIG 200P AC/DC PFC (ET-200PACDC-WC) is a feature packed AC/DC TIG welder with a water cooler suitable for TIG welding virtually all metals.  The water cooled package includes a modular water cooler and a trolley.

The uprated version of the hugely popular PRO Jasic series, the EVO range offer a large format super easy to use control panel, rugged build and looks as well as a variety of AC waveforms.  Optional foot controls are also available including a wireless pedal, for ultimate flexibility and convenience of use.

The EVO TIG series come with PFC as standard for increased energy efficiency.  They are also auto voltage sensing and can be plugged into 110 or 230V supplies including generators.  Furthermore, the input tolerance of the Jasic EVO TIG is from 96V up to 265V meaning it will cope with being used on long extension leads where voltage drop may otherwise be an issue.

The new ClearVision technology combines a high definition led screen mounted at the optimum angle for improved visibility and increased viewing comfort.   Additionally, the surprisingly lightweight structure makes this unit very portable. Switch with ease between MMA mode and TIG mode with one button press.

Standard accessories include 4m water cooled TIG Torch, Earth return lead, argon regulator, water cooler, trolley  and gas hose.


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