Jasic MIG 250 Pulse Compact MIG Welder

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Key Features

-10MM maximum weld thickness on mild steel
-Pulse MIG
-Perfect welds on aluminium & stainless steel
-40A – 250A output
-Synergic control
-15KG wire reel capacity
-4 roll wire feed

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The Jasic 250 Pulse MIG welder is a compact advance welder, it has advance IGBT technology and is a multi-process machine which means this welder is capable of MMA, Lift TIG, DC, MIG/MAG modes.

This Jasic MIG welder is ideal for expert welders or amateurs- it includes synergic control, pre-loaded parameters for the inexperienced welders but also offers fine tuning for the experienced welder. Pulsed MIG welding mode allows for high quality welding with a spatter free finish. Functions such as accurate pre-set current/voltage, 2T or 4T operational modes, synergic =, gas selection, wire diameter selection , electronic inductance adjustment and on-demand fan are available.

Using synergic MIG the welding parameters are automatically set or selected based on the wire feed speed or thickness of materials. DC MMA is suitable for a range of MMA electrodes. The Jasic 250 MIG welder has easy arc starting, low spatter, stable current and this offers good weld bead shape. The machine automatically compensates for fluctuations in the voltage.

The Jasic MIG 250 pulse inverter compact MIG welder is a great solution for those looking for a machine that will MIG weld mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium. The JM-250P will produce great quality welds due to its pulse feature and ease of use. Its maximum weldable thickness is 10MM mild steel and stainless steel and up to 6MM on aluminium. Its key features include:

-Pulse MIG

-Synergic control

-4 roll wire feeder

-On demand cooling fan

-2T/4T torch control

-Multi process – MIG, DC Lift TIG & MMA

-230V input

-Euro torch connector

Technical Specifications

-Input voltage – 230V

-KVA requirement – 9.13KVA

-Current range – 40A – 250A

-Duty cycle – 40% @ 250A

-No load voltage – 75V

-Wire speed range – 1.5M – 16M per minute

-Power factor – 0.76

-Dimensions – 895MM x 554MM x 760MM

-Weight – 49.7KG

Jasic NEW 250 pulse MIG can be used in a wide variety of industries including sign making, general fabrication, ship building, sculpting & many more. Its 10MM welding capacity covers light and medium fabrication capacity. The main feature on this machine is pulse MIG; pulse MIG allows for easier welding of aluminium and stainless steel in particular. If used in conjunction with the correct gas (pure argon) the JM-250P will produce excellent, aesthetically pleasing welds on aluminium up to 6MM thick. Other benefits of pulse includes faster travel speed, less spatter & ease of welding.. usually aluminium MIG is not a particuarly nice process but pulse makes it much easier. The machines 4 roll wire feeder makes for smooth feeding of softer wires such as 4043, 5356 or 1070

Synergic control makes for easy parameter setting. Simply select your material type, wire diameter, material thickness and the machine does the work for you. This feature is great for those who have little to no experience with standard voltage/WFS MIG parameter setting.

The multi process capabilities expand the machines applications immensley, with DC lift TIG you can TIG weld mild and stainless steel to a very nice standard. With arc/MMA you can weld materials up to 20MM thick such as I-beams or thick metal plate.

Finally, the euro torch connector allows for easy maintenance or replacement of the MIG welding torch.

In conclusion, the Jasic MIG 250 pulse is a great addition to the Jasic range & is a perfect option for anyone looking for a MIG welder that has many applications; especially those wanting to weld stainless steel & aluminium. Its price point is unmatched in the welding industry so is proving to be a very popular choice among welders.

The standard JM-250P package includes a 3M Starparts Titanium MB25 MIG torch, G-Tech gas regulator, earth lead with clamp & gas hose with connections.

Setup guide for the pulse mode can be found here- pulse setup guide

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