Standard Clear Glass Consumble Kit for WP17/18/26 Tig Torch

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Our new Gas Saver Consumables provide the operation with a clear view of the welding operation without the obstruction of a traditional ceramic nozzle.

Nothing makes welding easier than being able to see what you are doing, clear nozzles do just that!
Clear nozzles create excellent visibility of the weld puddle

Wedge collet system
-Ensures reliable clamping of the electrode without the risk of twisting.
-Can also be used with conventional collet bodies.
-Improves gas coverage and allows gas flow to be reduced

Kit Includes:

1 x HSGS-2 Standard Heat Shield

1 x 10NxxW Wedge Collet (1.6mm, 2.4mm or 3.2mm)

1 x CBGS-2 Standard Holder

1 x GLGS Front Gauze Standard (1.6mm, 2.4mm or 3.2mm)

1 x GNGS-2 Standard Glass Nozzle

Tig Torch Not Included

Will fit any WP17/18/26 Tig torch

Collet Size

1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm

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