StrongHand 3-Axis Welders Angle Clamps WAC35-SW

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Holds a 3-axis workpiece in position before welding.

Features the Quick Acting Screws and “Swing Away” Arm.

With the push of the buttons, the threaded screws easily slide in and out.

When the job is finished, simply “swing away” the 3rd Axis arm for quick and easy part removal.

Hold parts in position during cool down to minimize distortion due to contraction.

Technical Specification:

Slot Size (A): 42mm
Slot Width (B): 11mm
Mitre Joints (C): 95mm
Jaw Length (D): 120mm
T-Clearance (E): 64mm
Jaw Height (F): 36mm
Overall Height: 210mm

Weight 12 kg

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